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Now, I wouldn't say I'm the over-spender, but I do like to live my life on a budget so when I want to splurge on that new tack set, or that really cute pair of boots for NFR, I can. Even better, when you receive that unexpected vet bill...I don't panic. Here are 3 budgeting tips I have found really helpful without feeling like you are on an allowance from your parents at the tender age of...almost 30!


I love a good Starbucks treat! Who doesn't? If you are not careful though the $6.00 treats add up...FAST! Here is what I do. Get a Starbucks gift card and put an allowance on it! You are only allowed to use that as your Starbucks cash. Personally I put $20 and when it runs out for the month, or every 60 days, I am done! No more $6 venti sugar free vanilla iced coffees with almond milk for me. Also, if you love a drink loaded with sugar it will automatically limit your sugar intake by default. Keep in mind that you can load up your Starbucks app with a budget as well so you do not have to carry around a gift card with you.


I love date night! It is my favorite, but it is also really important to my relationship. If you are like me and sometimes have a hard time justifying spending money for a date but would like to try something new in your area for a fraction of the cost...check out Groupon! There is an app and you can also go to the website. You'll not only save the dollars...you will get cool new ideas too!


This is probably the most helpful tip I have! Have you ever been in a rush, do not have anything prepared at home, don't have time to go grocery shopping, so you just "pick something up" really quick on the way home? How much was it? Was it $20, $30, even $40?! Do you know how many meals I can make for $20 to $40?! A LOT! Plan your meals for the week ahead of time! Sit down on Sunday morning and give yourself a $100 budget (or more/less depending on your budget and how many people you need to feed) and plan out your meals! There are thousands of ideas on Pinterests for inexpensive meal planning. Also, by default again, you are going to keep yourself and your family out of that drive-through and stay on a healthier path. Don't forget snacks! I know I personally can rack up a $100 charge a month in gas station pit stops if I am not careful. Plan ahead! It works.

So, that's it! Three simple tricks for the over-spender. You will be SHOCKED at how much money you actually DO HAVE when you just start living a little smarter.

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