• Jessie Southard

Step 1: Figure out the standard for your home!

Home renovation...I know what you're thinking. Where the hell do I start? Well, I am no expert but here's what I did. First, I asked myself WHY I wanted to redo our home. Why would I want to begin this process full of dust, plans, budgeting, challenges, etc? The answer was simple. My standards were higher than the environment I was living in. I want my house to feel like home. I want it to match our personalities as husband and wife. I want to be able to feel organized. I want to truly enjoy the place I am in when it comes time to have a family. I want everything I can control to feel like it's under control. If you don't like something, change it! There are no laws that state that everything must remain the same. Life is about growth. I want my growth to be reflected in my home. Simple as that.

So, figure out what the desired standard is for your home. Is it being able to have a nice, clean environment? Is it being able to entertain guests and not feel uncomfortable when they come over? I hate that feeling. The feeling of being embarrassed and not excited to have other's over because the standard for yourself is so much higher than what your environment reflects...no thanks. Is it wanting to feel proud of how hard you work outside of your home that you want to enjoy the inside of the home? Is is wanting to feel a sense of calm and peace before you start a family?

Be very careful when you start figuring out why you want to remodel and what your standard actually is. This can turn into the comparison game. That game is DANGEROUS. If you want your home to just look like someone else's on Instagram, that's not good enough. If seeing a picture of your home on Pinterest is what you're after be prepared for every choice you make to turn into the comparison choice. You'll start asking yourself questions like, "Does my mirror in my bathroom look as good as Jill's bathroom?" Or, "Does my picture of my living room look as pretty as Jill's living room?" Like I said...dangerous!

Here's what I do...get inspired. I won't stand here and compare my couch to Jill's couch, but if I like her couch I will file it in my inspiration category. You will need to develop a "folder" of ideas and inspiration. This shouldn't be the folder where you suddenly feel inadequate and overwhelmed. After all, if you have figured out WHY you want to renovate and what your standard is for your future home, you should be excited!

I truly hope this helped you if you're deciding to take the leap and start busting up your flooring, ripping out cabinets, and picking paint colors.

Why do you want to remodel?

What is the standard you have for your home?



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